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My job is sometimes very technical and I have to pay attention to the details oftentimes to get the right repair that the equipment needs I also should point out that I work at a very popular vacation resort and my primary field is called cold side so I’m responsible for all things cold or chilled or whatever else that’s not working. Beurette [Secondary Erotic] Erotic Image Of A… no bitch don’t come yet she whimpered yes daddy I continue to fuck her and her body as close to me as I could she asked again please please Daddy let me come she also said please hurry in a different voice from the first I could see that she was alternating between the two voices of lust and professionalism is this pussy wet for you daddy she asked yes baby it is I answered please let me come Daddy come with me Daddy I brought my fingers up and put my thumb inside of her mouth from the same right hand that had been in her asshole I’m not sure if she noticed but she sucked it none the less the thought of this brought me over the edge and I pulled out and came all over her back she squealed no come inside of me but it was too late The second rope of come was already shooting from my cock and it was too late to try and force it back into her hot wet pussy so the third and fourth rope landed right next to one another on her back she slumped down on the couch exhausted as I continue to stroke my cock with my left hand and hold myself up with my right she said she could still feel the drips of cum falling on her back and we laughed together I got up and walked to the bathroom she asked me where I was going and I told her that I was getting her a towel she quickly said no that it was okay and that she didn’t want to dirty the room before I could respond she was already getting dressed without even wiping up herself she said that she would take a shower when she got home and that it would be fine.

Hentai: [Akitokit] Riverta

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