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Upon arriving home Sally proceeded to put some music on whilst Peter played host and arranged for our drinks to be poured, we gathered in the lounge room just as the doorbell rang, first to arrive was Sue, John and their friend Trevor whose eyes simply lit up upon meeting Jan, I noticed Jan look at Trevor’s crotch a smile appeared on her lips “definite interest there I thought to myself”, Carol was next to arrive carrying a small black doctors bag and I immediately found that her short blonde hair extenuated the length of her slender neck and knew I had to nibble her tonight her natural aura drew my senses in, for some reasons she was taller than I had imagined from the earlier discussions with the girls. Jan then turned towards Peter “your turn number two favourite man”.

Hentai: (Reitaisai 8) [Reverse Noise (Yamu)] Arioso Marriage (Touhou Project)

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(例大祭8) [Reverse Noise (やむっ)]Arioso Marriage(東方Project)

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