(IDOL STAR <a Href=[email protected] 08) [Rodents (Reitou Dentai)] Asahi Ga Noboru Made (THE IDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors)" title="(IDOL STAR [email protected] 08) [Rodents (Reitou Dentai)] Asahi Ga Noboru Made (THE IDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors)" decoding="async">

Just as i was about to get to the counter 3 armed men burst in and said nobody move, i stood scared out my life , my mates wife ran to stand beside me and grabbed my arm, one of the men said hey you two love birds get over there in the corner, the thought of being her being my love bird was quite arrousing , soon the bank was locked up and 2 men were behind the counter , but as it was early the manager had not opened the safe up, after what seemed a hour or so i could see the men talking , where i was sitting i could see out the window and now the police had arrived, to my surprise and kelly's one of the men said look we need your clothes to prove we have hostages , he told us to go in the store cupboard and strip to out underware , all i could think about was seeing Kelly's boob's, in the room i was taking my top off and waited to see if she was stripping , the look of terror on her face was enought to make me go give her a securing cuddle, as i did she wispered in my ear that not only did she have no bra on was no knickers on , it occured that she was nacked and i would see, but i said i would turn my back and not look, soon i was in my boxers and felt her had her dress to me to pass to the robber , as i did he pushed me back into the room and locked the door. Bear ARTIST Gin-blade Gay Boysporn I could hear her crying and trying not to look i said ” dont worry we will be safe soon” but the idea of her being naked 2ft from me was stirring my cock into life, time past and we made light chat to pass the time , about 7pm one of the robbers opened the door and said get comfy your hear for the night , it was now getting cold in the room as the air con was still on, Kelly said she was cold and would i cuddle her so this was my first time to see her naked, her boobs were pert and her dark pink nipples were standind about half inch out , her tanned body had no white lines and her pussy was smooth and tanned , soon she was in my arms and getting warm, after 10 minutes of cuddling i said if we sit down in corner you can sit in front of me and cuddle in and try to get some sleep, as i sat down she turned and i was about a foot from her perfect bum as she sat down.

Hentai: (IDOL STAR [email protected] 08) [Rodents (Reitou Dentai)] Asahi ga noboru made (THE iDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors)

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(IDOL STAR [email protected] 08) [ろでんつ (冷凍電堆)]あさひがのぼるまで(アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ)

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