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The woman nodded then indicated for him to continue. The doctor was shocked, the last hope he had? What in the hell was going on? What precisely was this man mixed up with?

Sighing the woman nodded, Alright I’ll see what I can do, but it will be difficult in the dark.

Hentai: (C72) [Matumoto Drill Kenkyuujo (Naganoon)] Dori Suta (Lucky Star)

Dori Suta 1Dori Suta 2Dori Suta 3Dori Suta 4Dori Suta 5Dori Suta 6Dori Suta 7Dori Suta 8Dori Suta 9Dori Suta 10Dori Suta 11Dori Suta 12Dori Suta 13Dori Suta 14Dori Suta 15Dori Suta 16Dori Suta 17Dori Suta 18Dori Suta 19Dori Suta 20Dori Suta 21Dori Suta 22Dori Suta 23Dori Suta 24Dori Suta 25Dori Suta 26Dori Suta 27Dori Suta 28Dori Suta 29Dori Suta 30Dori Suta 31Dori Suta 32Dori Suta 33Dori Suta 34Dori Suta 35

(C72) [松本ドリル研究所 (ながの~ん)]どり☆すた(らき☆すた)

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