(C88) [Candy Club (Sky)] Endless Love ~Kako Kara No Present~ (Love Live!) [English] {doujins.com} [Decensored]

“Okay stud,” she ordered, “stick it in me, now!!!” Rubbing his head the length of her slit, Clay centered his pecker over her hole and gently lifted his butt, forcing his head into the dripping cunt above him. Step Dad 人妻封魔師麗兰 “Oh, god,” she moaned, “you are so fucking huge,” and with that she let her weight down and the thick monster disappeared in her cavernous pussy! Grinding hard she worked the black dominator all around inside of her, taking care to give every inch of her cunt a chance to feel the huge invader! Finally when she couldn't stand it amy longer, she slowly began raising and lowering her plump ass up and down, until at last she was pounding the thick cock in and out of her dripping cunt at lightning speed, and again the two strangers crotches were caught in an orgasmic vortex, but this time both Clay and Donna roared out loud as their climaxes raced through every inch of their bodies! Clay couldn't believe how an old white bitch like Donna could make him so fucking hot, and Donna couldn't believe her incredible luck at finding a young stud who would give her the time of day!!!

After getting dressed and returning to the front of the store, Clay asked Donna, “Now, which one of these items would you like!?!” Donna g?ave them a quick glance and replied, “None of them, I think I've found a real one!!!” Clay smiled and just nodded, before replying, “And is doesn't even require batteries!!!


Hentai: (C88) [Candy Club (Sky)] Endless Love ~Kako Kara no Present~ (Love Live!) [English] {doujins.com} [Decensored]

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(C88) [Candy Club (スカイ)]Endless Love~過去からのプレゼント~(ラブライブ!) [英訳] [無修正]

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