(SC53) [PURIMOMO (Goyac)] Lovely Substitute (YuruYuri) [English] =TV + Yuri-ism=

“I should put a bell on you. The magic will seek out one who you can love and will love you in turn.

Hentai: (SC53) [PURIMOMO (Goyac)] Lovely Substitute (YuruYuri) [English] =TV + Yuri-ism=

Lovely Substitute 1Lovely Substitute 2Lovely Substitute 3Lovely Substitute 4Lovely Substitute 5Lovely Substitute 6Lovely Substitute 7Lovely Substitute 8Lovely Substitute 9Lovely Substitute 10Lovely Substitute 11Lovely Substitute 12Lovely Substitute 13Lovely Substitute 14Lovely Substitute 15Lovely Substitute 16Lovely Substitute 17Lovely Substitute 18Lovely Substitute 19Lovely Substitute 20Lovely Substitute 21Lovely Substitute 22Lovely Substitute 23

(サンクリ53) [ぷり桃 (ごやっち)]Lovely Substitute(ゆるゆり) [英訳]

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