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Akane entered the kitchen and saw Ranma staring back at her, Ranma was on the kitchen counter on her knee's, hands and feet unbound being held in position on all four by a short stool that had been placed under Ranma's chest to hole her in place, with the spit still inside her, “She has a look of excitement in her eye's” Akane thought, “What’s so exciting about dying?” she added to her thought. Money Talks COMIC Purumelo 2007 08 “Now Tendo, why would you assume we had something to do with it?” Genma said as he turned to face Soan but still backing away, “Yep he did it!” Ranma said moving away from his father, “Why you ungrateful little–- you ate as much of it as I did” Genma said going after Ranma who dodged the attack, “Well we will have to replace the missing meat sooner then expected, AKANE!” Soan said and Akane already knew what was about to happen as she entered the room.

Hentai: (Crazy Lyric Battle 3) [Free Style Picnic (Doki)] Tasukete Ichijiku-sama (Hypnosis Mic)

Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 1Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 2Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 3Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 4Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 5Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 6Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 7Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 8Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 9Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 10Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 11Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 12Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 13Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 14Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 15Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 16Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 17Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 18Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 19Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 20Tasukete Ichijiku-sama 21

(Crazy Lyric Battle 3) [フリースタイルピクニック (土器)]たすけて無花果様(ヒプノシスマイク)

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