Pussy Play 梅梅之死 The Execution Of Mume

fucinhigh08: “im done you fucking win you crazy bitch” i say trying to get up holding my nuts

yankees2girl: “stay on the floor”

fucinhigh08: i look up at you “what”

yankees2girl: “you heard me, stay there”

fucinhigh08: “fuck you” i say trying to get up

yankees2girl: i put my foot on your shoulder and push you down
yankees2girl: “stay down!”

fucinhigh08: i fall to the floor “ok ok” i say scared

yankees2girl: i stand over you, my feet on either side of your stomach, i knwo you can see up my skirt

fucinhigh08: i take a peak but try not to look

yankees2girl: i kneel down so im straddling u
yankees2girl: “like what you saw?”

fucinhigh08: i just look at you and dont answear

yankees2girl: i slap you again “answear me bitch”

fucinhigh08: “ahhhhh yes i did i liked it” i say rubbing my cheek

yankees2girl: “wanna taste it?”

fucinhigh08: “no” i say turning my head, not really knowing what to do

yankees2girl: “oh well, i dont give a fuck what you want to do”
yankees2girl: i crawl foward and grab your head and face it up, i sit on your face

fucinhigh08: i try and struggle a little

yankees2girl: “i know you watch porn little bro, do what they do” i say as my juice gets over your nose and mouth

fucinhigh08: i slowy stick out my tounge and lick around a little
fucinhigh08: as you grind my face like a horny bitch

yankees2girl: “mmm ya bro just like that” i ride your face like i was riding a cock

fucinhigh08: my tounge starts working more and more as you start grinding hard smothering my face

yankees2girl: “mmmm stick your tongue in my pussy, i know you love the taste”

fucinhigh08: i try and work my tounge inside as you hold open your pussy and stare down at your little bro licking your hot little pussy

yankees2girl: i smile and moan load as i see you tryin so hard
yankees2girl: i pinch ur nose so you cant breath “you better make me cum before you pass out”

fucinhigh08: tryin to breath i move my tounge around more workin it all over your pussy

yankees2girl: “mmmmmm” i lean back but keep pinching your nose “keep going little bro, if you pass out before i cum im gonna take pictures of your naked unconcious body and post em all over school”

fucinhigh08: i move my head around as i struggle to breath and kinda get away keeping my tounge out working your pussy hoping you cum as i turn red

yankees2girl: i grind against your face and moan loud “oooo fuck im gonna cum, dont stop”

fucinhigh08: i gasp for air as i turn really red and start moving my head around a lot trying to
breath i start making muffled noises

yankees2girl: as i hear you struggle it makes me cum all over your face i let go of your nose and fall back, my head resting on your cock as i breath hard

fucinhigh08: i gasp hard for air, with my face covered in your pussy juice i catch my breath

yankees2girl: as i catch my breath i sit up and look at you and smile “how do you like the taste of your first pussy little bro?”

fucinhigh08: breathing hard “it tastes good sis,i never knew it was so good”

yankees2girl: i giggle and lean over and lick a little off your cheek

fucinhigh08: “you like the taste of yourself sis?” i ask looking surprised

yankees2girl: i dont answer and lick a little bit more off, i then kiss you hard tasting myself even more

fucinhigh08: i kiss you back not really knowing what to do i move my tounge around

yankees2girl: i break the kiss and give you one soft kiss as i sit up and stare down at you

fucinhigh08: i sit there as you stare at me
fucinhigh08: “so you aint going tell the school right sis”

yankees2girl: “no, that was awesome but, im not done yet” i grin at you as i feel behind me and
feel how hard you are, “and i dont think you are either”

fucinhigh08: i turn red and back away

yankees2girl: “i know you want it”
yankees2girl: “get up little bro, go sit on the couch”

fucinhigh08: not wanting you to fuck me up, i get up and go sit on the couch nervous of whats coming next

yankees2girl: i smile i crawl over to you
yankees2girl: i get in front of you on my knees and reach up for your pants

fucinhigh08: i squirm a little but dont fight much
fucinhigh08: i stare at you with fear and excitement

yankees2girl: “just relax and dont ruin my favorite thing” i pull down your pants to your ankles

fucinhigh08: my cock pops up hard as a rock “this is your favorite thing sis?”

yankees2girl: i giggle “yep” i smile and take your cock in my hands as i lick the head, i look up at you as i stick it in my mouth and slide it in

fucinhigh08: my eyes open wide
fucinhigh08: “oh my god sis” i say putin my hands on your head “wow that feels good”

yankees2girl: your cock slides down my throat and my nose hits your stomach, i gag a little on your cock

fucinhigh08: i move my hips around “wow ive never felt anything like this”

yankees2girl: i start bobbing my head up and down, as i reach up and start rubbing your balls

fucinhigh08: mmmm i let out a load maon as i cum quick in your mouth and continue to move my hips as you milk my cock for cum

yankees2girl: not ready for you to cum so quickly, some of your cum dribbles down my chin, but i try to swallow as much of it as i can
yankees2girl: as you finish cumming i lift my head and swallow whats in my mouth, i wipe off whats on my chin and lick it off
yankees2girl: “damn bro, that was quick, and that was a fucking huge load of cum”

fucinhigh08: i smile at you big as i grab my cock and jerk it a little. Details .

Hentai: 梅梅之死 The execution of Mume

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