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This is part 2 of my first short story, It is not intended to be realistic and I am aware there may be grammatical errors But I hope you enjoy

It was lunch, Jess Walked down the corridor and turned left, towards the canteen, as she passed the girls toilets she heard a noise, a very familiar noise, she stealthily crept inside, knowing what the sound was, as she came up to the cubicle the sounds were coming from she froze,
jess peeked up over the partition as saw none other than Suzie miller Sucking on her little brother’s huge cock, Suzie’s face was already covered In cum, Timmy suddenly looked up, and saw jess, he instantly blew his load into Suzie’s mouth without warning, Suzie choked on his massive cum load and tried to swallow, but it was too much and it flowed down her chin and dripped onto the floor,
Jess decided if there was any fun going on she was going to be a part of it, and went round and opened the cubicle, Suzie turned around and jumped out of her skin, whereas Timmy sat there, before Suzie could say anything jess kissed her hard on the lips, tasting her brother’s cum on them, Suzie was surprised, but reasoned that sex was sex, and kissed jess back, slipping her tongue into jess’s mouth,
as Timmy watched the hottest girl in his class, and his sexy big sister swap his cum between their mouths, Timmy came again, shooting 8 thick ropes up the wall, jess pulled away from the kiss and without missing a beat, sucked Timmy’s cock right down into her throat, Suzie watched and fingered herself, Timmy thrust his huge length into his sister’s throat repeatedly,
after a few minutes of this, Jess came up, turned around and pulled off her clothes, standing naked between Timmy and Suzie, jess laid Timmy down on the floor and straddled him, placing her wet pussy hovering above his erect cock, Suzie Pulled Her Jeans and panties off and sat on Timmy’s face, she moaned as Timmy licked out her pussy and sucked on her clit,
Jess slowly lowered herself down onto her brother’s huge erection, feeling his cock slide up inside of her vagina, she sank down all the way, impaling herself on the enormous penis, Timmy felt her tight wet pussy slide down on his length, he felt the heat of her arousal as jess began to ride him, rising up and sinking down on his cock as she threw back her head and moaned with pleasure,
Suzie was grinding against Timmy’s face as he pushed a finger into her ass, she tensed in surprise, then relaxed as her tiny asshole got used to his finger, Jess Saw this and pulled up, off Timmy’s cock, she reached down, grasping Timmy’s cock, which was wet with pussy juice, and began pushing the bulbous head into her tight ass, as soon as the head popped in, Timmy tensed and Filled her little ass with cum,
jess continued to slide down on his thick shaft as hot cum filled her anus, until she was sat on Timmy’s full length, Jess stayed still for a moment letting her ass adjust to the thickness, then began lifting up and down, sliding her ass up and down Timmy’s massive cock, lubricating it with the cum that was slowly seeping out of her ass, Suzie turned around and stuck her tongue into Jess’s mouth, kissing her deeply, as the both rode Timmy’s face and cock,
Suzie used her free hands to rub jess’s clit and finger her pussy as she slid up and down on Timmy’s cock, As Timmy stuck another finger into Suzie’s asshole, she began to grind her pussy hard into his face, and he felt her ass clench on his finger and her pussy contract on his tongue as she began wildly orgasming, throwing her head back and biting her lip, to stop herself from screaming out in pleasure,
Seeing Suzie Orgasming On Timmy’s face, Jess began to orgasm, her pussy clenching down on nothing, and her ass squeezing Timmy’s cock hard, Jess let out a small scream then bit her lip as Suzie was, Timmy Couldn’t hold it back anymore and his face screwed up as he began firing hot ropes of thick cum into his sisters ass, as jess rose up she came up too far and pulled off Timmy’s cock, as she came down her pussy rubbed against it as it spewed cum all over Timmy’s chest and Suzie,
Suzie finished her orgasm and began wanking off Timmy’s cock as it continued to fire Hot Sticky Ropes of cum everywhere, Jess Squirted A little as she came, her whole body tingled as her orgasm began to subside, They three of them laid there for sometime, Jess And Suzie Slowly Licking up all the cum off Timmy and each other, when they heard a noise, before they could react Mr Boringer Slammed open the door, and stared at them laying there naked …

Jess Was Stood Before Mr Boringer In His office, she had put her clothes back on, but was embarrassed and scared as she stood there with cum slowly seeping out of her stretched asshole and running down her leg, “You’re in some deep trouble missy” Mr Boringer said as he paced back and forth by the window,
“You will face expulsion and likely imprisonment, for this, Timothy and Suzanna Are both Under the age of consent” Mr Boringer said without emotion, Jessica Could See his eyes travelling over her body and realised she could get out of this, “but mar Boringer” jess said in her most innocent voice “I can’t go to prison, it would ruin my future” jess pulled her most innocent face, as mar Boringer turned to the side still pacing, jess could see a very small erection pressing against his trousers, “that is unimportant young lady, you broke the rules, and you must face the consequences” Mr Boringer said nastily,
jess pretended to cry a little as she turned away, subtly unbuttoning in her shirt and unzipping her jeans, she turned back and waked toward mar Boringer, her perky breasts on display as she pulled off the shirt, Mr Boringer was shocked and fell back into his office chair, Jess advanced on him, her jeans falling to the ground as she stepped out of them, she stood before him wearing only her wet cum soaked panties, “what are you doing Jessica” Mr Boringer exclaimed, “I know you want me Mr Boringer” jess said in her most seductive Voice, Kneeling down She Unzipped His Posh trousers and pulled out his tiny cock,
It could have been 3 inches at most, He Made no move to stop her, As she took his cock in her hand and began masturbating him, He simply sat there in a state of bliss, Mr Boringer was about 40, Overweight, Balding and Unmarried, Jess wasn’t turned on by him at all, but she did what she had to, She slowly ran her tongue along the underside of his wrinkly old cock, it was not pleasant for jess, but she knew this would keep mr Boringer quiet about what he had seen, Jess held his balls in one hand as she slid her hot, wet mouth down on his cock, at 3 inches long it was impossible to deep throat, it didn’t Reach, as jess sucked on his cock, he began to reach down and feel her up, it was not nice, his hands were rough with her boobs, he was a perverted old man, jess though as her head bobbed on his tiny cock, she squeezed his balls gently, trying to make him cum faster, then she remembered, And without warning she jammed a finger up his ass right onto his prostate, mr boringer’s face screwed up and immediately came into jess’s mouth, His cock dribbled about 2 little spurts then just spasmed as jess wiggled her finger on his prostate,
jess pulled her head up, keeping her finger in place, and spat out his cum onto the floor, it tasted horrible, and it was thin and runny, like egg whites, jess felt a little sick, but kept her finger in place, forcing mr Boringer to DrygasmÔ Continuously, knowing she needed leverage against mr Boringer she reached, with her spare hand, into the pocket of her jeans, on the floor, and pulled out her phone, she flipped it open and took about 27 pictures of mr Boringer in the most compromising positions possible, His face screwed up over and over again as he kept drygasming, she saved the pics and put her phone back into her jeans, She pulled out her finger and my Boringer Slumped down into the chair, “I don’t think anybody needs to know about this or what you saw earlier, Mr Boringer” jess said “or else those pictures go straight to the police” Mr Boringer looked at her and sighed in defeat “okay, go on, get out, I’ll hear no more of it”. Continue reading Jess Walked out of his office after re-dressing, as she walked out of the building, everyone else had gone home, except for Timmy and Suzie, who were waiting for her by the gates, when they say jess the ran to her “Jess what happened are we gonna get in trouble” Timmy asked Drastically “no no its okay, I took care of it, Mr Boringer won’t be a problem” Jess replied, “Ewww, Did you screw him” Suzie Said Tactlessly, “ Ha-ha, no I just sucked him off, His Cock was Tiny” Jess Said Bursting with laughter, They All laughed as the walked to the end of the road, “oh sis, Suzie is coming home with us today, is that okay” Timmy asked, “of course it is Timmy, your parents know your not gonna be home right Suzie ?” jess asked, “yeah its all okay, my parents don’t care anyways” Suzie replied as she pulled out a cigarette and lit it …

To Be Continued …

Please keep in mind that This Is a work in Progress.

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