(Ore No Deban Jean! 4) [Haisya Ni Sentakuken Nashi (An Michi)] YamaokuHaLLoWeeN! (Shingeki No Kyojin)

{4. Spreading Free Oppai Facebook The next morning the boys wake up nice and early and the older brother says ” I was thinking about what happened last night, you know about mom and us being totally naked and how close we came to actually putting our dicks inside her? I know it was wrong but I couldn't stop myself ” the younger brother says ” I know what you mean, a big part of me feels the same way but another part of me keeps thinking how much further could we have gone, she was so cool with it all, smiling and laughing ” the older brother says ” I know, especially when she said that our cocks almost went in her holes, I almost came “.

Hentai: (Ore no Deban Jean! 4) [Haisya ni Sentakuken Nashi (An Michi)] yamaokuHaLLoWeeN! (Shingeki no Kyojin)

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(オレの出番ジャン!4) [敗者に選択権なし (あん道)]yamaokuHaLLoWeeN!(進撃の巨人)

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